After Jamni tigress, male Gabbar radio-collared in Tadoba


 Nagpur: Two days after scientists from the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun, radio-collared a tigress at Jamni in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) at Chandrapur on Saturday, a male tiger 'Gabbar' was also tagged with a radio-collar on Sunday.

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The Wild & wacky segment of Go Green India is dedicated to the vivacious wildlife that is currently suffering the brutal brunt of environmental degradation. Our focus area mainly revolves around SAARC wild and wacky life which is known for harbouring some of the rarest species of animals and birds. We are currently staying a remote white and blue planet where are enormous population is rapidly consuming every good thing about this planet leaving only trash for other fellow beings. We are yet to learn that in the wild & wacky atmosphere around us every being has its own role to play and we are suppose to conserve them rather than endangering their existence.
Through wild & wacky we bring you amazing stories on wildlife, their struggles, their plight, and how uncontrolled human activities are challenging their very existence. There lies an urgent need to put stop to our incessant exploitation or remaining animal species will be gone for good by end of next century. Human existence is rapidly moving towards mass-destruction as the loss of biodiversity is gaining speed the bonding between inter-related species will break down forever which will pace up the speed of life extinction on this planet.
Under current scenario, almost one fourth of animal species and one eighth of bird species are standing on verge of extinction. In total, around 140, 000 species are living under risk of bidding adieu to this world forever. The loss of biodiversity is irreparable and takes billions of years to evolve again. The wild wacky stories presented here helps understanding how we can restore the balance in nature by conserving their natural habitat and allowing them to flourish. All this sinks down to only one factor that is the desperate need to preserve habitat around us so that we can call ourselves superior beings in each respect.

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