CATEGORY: Innovation

PROJECT: Harnessing the Sun
STATE: Gujrat

ECA AWARDS 2015 | WINNER | J B Chemicals

 CATEGORY: Small and Medium Enterprise

PROJECT: Waste Reduction


 CATEGORY: Innovation

PROJECT: Solar Surge


 CATEGORY: Community

PROJECT: Climate change
STATE: Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh



PROJECT: Slashing chemical Use
STATE: Maharasthra


 CATEGORY: Small and Medium Enterprise

PROJECT: Cutting Consumption
STATE: Gujrat


 CATEGORY:  Community

PROJECT: Sustainable Living
STATE: Madhya Pradesh

Earth Hour 2013 Official Video

 Earth Hour has grown from a one-city initiative in 2007 to the worlds largest campaign for the planet, uniting hundreds of millions of people across 7001 cities and towns in 152 countries and territories.

Michael Jackson - Earth Song live

 This is the best performes of Earth Song live.. ( my mind ) The 16th Annual Brit Awards 1996 London, UK We love you Michael, allways. r.i.p 5:01 - I dont care.

Terminate Global Warming: Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Green

 Arnold Schwarzenegger pushes green auto technology at the L.A. Auto Show -- including the Tesla Roadster and four other Earth-friendly vehicles.

Obama Talks Up Wind Power on Earth Day

 President Barack Obama says his administration is creating the first U.S. program to authorize offshore projects to generate electricity from wind and ocean currents. (April 22)

Worlds fastest street legal ELECTRIC CAR

 SUBSCRIBE to stay current on EV news - http://electric-vehicles-ca... Worlds fastest street legal ELECTRIC CAR 1972 Datsun 1200 Whtie Zombie. This car is based in Oregon...

Madonna La Isla Bonita Live Earth 2007 ft. Gogol Bordello

 Madonna performing an amazing version of La Isla Bonita ft. Gogol Bordello!!!

Madonna - Ray Of Light (Live from Wembley Stadium,United Kington) [Live Earth]

 Madonna live from Wembley Stadium Live Earth Concert Setlist: Ray Of Light La Isla Bonita Hung Up

Reva sees no slowdown impact

 One big drive for Reva in 2009 will be the introduction of lithium-ion batteries, which boasts of a range of 120 km per charge and maximum speed of 80 kph

Nissan Leaf Electric car

 ZigWheels brings you the video of the brand new Leaf, Nissan´s electric model.

George Carlin - Saving the Planet

 Comedian G.Carlin on saving the planet.

Intense Environment Video, Planet, Global Warming

 Youve never seen the environment like this. Its uplifting. Its tragic. The time to act is now. Be warned: IMAGES MAY SHOCK YOU. environment global warming planet environment environment,

Save the Earth

 this is a pro environment video i made.

Earth Hour 2009

 Official Earth Hour 2009 video. Earth Hour is on March 28th, 2009 at 8:30pm. More at Support Earth Hour by making your own video and adding it to our Earth Hour Global gr

Earth Hour India 2009

 Official Earth Hour 2009 video. Earth Hour is on March 28th, 2009 at 8:30pm. More at Support Earth Hour by making your own video and adding it to our Earth Hour Global gr

Al Gore on `An Inconvenient Truth`

 Al Gore talks to TV host Fredrik Skavlan on NRK1`s talkshow "First & Last" March 2007. His book "An Inconvenient Truth" about global warming and climate changes has just been published in Norwegian.

The 11th Hour Trailer

 The 11th Hour is a new documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio about the state of humanity and the world. Join the action at Film site:

Final act of Greenathon

 NDTVs 24-hour Greenathon is a successful show for the environment.

SRK launches Hyundai i10 electric at Auto Expo

 Delhi turned out in its best wear to wait endlessly for Shah Rukh Khan. SRK was launching the electric version of the i10, the Hyundai small car.

Top 5 Green Cars of 2009

 GREENCAR.COMs Ron Cogan announces the Top 5 Green Cars of 2009

Salman Khan rocks it eco style!

Watch the video to see Salman Khan talking about how to save the world and have a better environment. 

Are Green Cars the Answer?

Three green options; the Reva, the Civic Hybrid and the Yo! Speed electric scooter. Can any of these three replace your car as a greener way of daily transport? Er maybe not. 

Jairam Ramesh on India`s Role Confronting Climate Change Part 1

 Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State for Environment and Forests, Government of India speaks at Project Syndicate`s 2009 Global Editors` Forum.

Jairam Ramesh on climate change and regional cooperation in South-Asia

 Jairam Ramesh, Indias Union Minister of Forests and Environment briefs South Asian journalists on Indias stand on climate negotiations, at workshop organized by CSE on the 28th of August in New Delhi.

Simple Ways to Live Sustainably

By Christina Izzo, Rebecca Phu, and Tiffany Leong People dont realize how much their daily lives can affect the environment. Activities such as sleeping, eating, and travelling create big unwanted. 

Environmental Sustainability

Group Project. Educational Video 

Jim Carrey - Environmental Guy

 From the TV show In Living Color

Smart Green Infrastructure: How To Grow Sustainable Cities

 Andy Lipkis, Founder and President of TreePeople, describes how this organization has pioneered an integrated approach to managing urban ecosystems as watersheds in the Los Angeles region.

Best Green Cities

 Country Home Magazine has released its second annual list of the Best Green Cities in America. How does your city measure up?

Preity`s message on environment

 Bollywood actress Preity Zinta gave the `green` message to children of a Delhi school

Lara Dutta the enviromentalist

 Lara Dutta turns enviromentalist for a good cause, to know more, watch this video

Top 10 EASY Ways To Conserve In 2010

 Count down the top EASY ways to conserve in 2010 with Melissa McGinnis and GreenopolisTV! There are now 6.8 billion of us and we are connected like never before.

Going Green: Big corporations think environment

 Going Green: Big corporations think environment

Earth Hour 2010 Official video

 Earth Hour 2010 is set to be the best yet, but it all depends on you getting involved and spreading the message that you are committed to the future. The Earth Hour site can be found here and were also on Twitter ( and on Facebook ( - join our social networks to ensure you are to date with all the amazing things we have planned for this years event.

Environmental Tips - How to Go Green presents... Some tips and suggestions for going green and doing your part to save the environment.

Human Impact On The Environment

 Video about the influence that humans have and are having on our planet.

Rahul Bose Go`s Green!!

Actor and Activist Rahul Bose has become the brand ambassador of a new initiative - the first ever celebrity green blog that is campaigning to save planet earth. The actor is now the face for a campaign called Planet Alert which launched its green blog 

Impact of crisis on climate change

 Economic slowdown will put a pause to green initiatives by companies and countries around the world. Dr R K Pachauri, Director General of The Energy Research Institute of India said that the economic downturn has put pressure to cutback on professed green commitments. Dr Pachauri on the impact of the economic downturn, Barack Obamas commitments towards climate change, and Indias stand at the UN climate change conf in Copenhagen scheduled for later this year.

Global Warming 101

Global warming could do more than just melt polar ice. It could change our maps, and displace people from cities and tropical islands. 

Sayali Bhagat at Times Ganesha

Bollywood actress Sayali Bhagat at Times Ganesha. 

Climate change A UK climate change TV advert Please visit my forums

Rahul Bose goes green.

Rahul Bose supports Garnier`s Take care, Take charge initiative which will be implemented in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other metros. 

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