Govt to launch \'zero liquid discharge\' pilot project


NEW DELHI: If the Centre gets states on board, it will not allow any of the 140 drains between Gangotri and Gangasagar to open into the river Ganga to discharge municipal and industrial waste water. A small step in this direction was taken on Monday when the government decided to launch a pilot project to usher in a 'zero liquid discharge' regime.

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Indiscriminate dumping of nuclear, biomedical, toxic wastes has led to environmental disasters that are leaving deep scars on our good earth. The infrequent changes in climate are not only affecting human life but are wiping out special species of flora and fauna. The remaining resources and lives will also come to the limit of extinction if deterioration is allowed to continue at this rate. Studies suggest that about one third of soil that was previously used to grow crops and trees has been blown away by wind or washed away by rivers to sea bed. The human civilization is rapidly moving towards threshold beyond which nature will have no respite but to blow back all damage right over our faces.
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