Govt to launch \'zero liquid discharge\' pilot project


NEW DELHI: If the Centre gets states on board, it will not allow any of the 140 drains between Gangotri and Gangasagar to open into the river Ganga to discharge municipal and industrial waste water. A small step in this direction was taken on Monday when the government decided to launch a pilot project to usher in a 'zero liquid discharge' regime.

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Heritage trees to get \'health-card\' in Kerala


 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In an ambitious project to protect grand old trees in public places, the Kerala Forest Research Institute has come out with a proposal to mark them with a "health-card". 

Under the project, the giant trees will be provided with a score-sheet depicting its strength condition, risk factors and details of damage, along with other physical features. 
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Tiny creatures balance ecosystem

-Tiny creatures balance ecosystem2014-10-08

 WASHINGTON: Tiny creatures like earthworms and beetles play a vital role in maintaining grasslands and balancing the ecosystem, a study says. The results reflect long-term ecological impacts of land use changes, such as the conversion of forests to agricultural land, the researchers said. 

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Three IITs develop cement low on carbon content


Buildings in the city may soon be able to reduce their carbon footprint, though by a slim margin, thanks to low-carbon cement or `LC 3'. Scientist at IIT Delhi, along with IIT Bombay , IIT Madras and an environmental NGO called Development Alternatives (DA), have developed a type of cement that is not just low-cost, but can emit 20% to 30% less carbon than regular cement. For every tonne of cement produced, about 0.82 tonnes of CO2 is emitted.

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Mercury ban in India within 6 to 10 years


NEW DELHI: India will have to phase out mercury within six to 10 years as the country has signed a global treaty - Minamata Convention - which makes it mandatory for the signatories to ban the use of the deadly nerve toxin in a phased manner. 

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Painted storks are guests in Gujarat


AHMEDABAD: Kutch is known for its 'flamingo city' but not many know that right here in the city of Ahmedabad, there is a colony of painted storks. This colony exists in Sola and, every day, at least 3-4 baby storks die after falling from their nests.

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TERI to back paper bag project by Pune students


 PUNE: Three students from city colleges started a year-long project of making bags out of waste paper, however, with the success of the venture, it will now be backed by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) as a full-fledged project.

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Public transport holds key for clean cities, says study


 Effective urban transit systems can encourage people out of their cars and provide a cost-effective way to tackle climate change, a report has suggested.


3 Companies Embracing and Helping the Environment


For years, environmentalists have bemoaned the destruction of trees. The timber real estate investment trust (REIT) sector might actually be one of the most environmentally friendly industries around, though.

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How Your Yard Can Help The Environment


Our yards are among the most important spaces at home. Whether it’s a patch of flora out front, or the grassy backyard where the kids play soccer, your yard can be an urban haven for wildlife, while having an incrementally positive effect on the environment. Those with a passion for gardening can improve these benefits, through making their yard even more environmentally friendly. This helps the planet and the wildlife that will call your yard home. But it also helps you get more enjoyment from your yard, and from the peaceful, organic retreat you have created.

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When someone mentions school lunch, chances are “environmental revolution” isn’t the first thought that comes to mind.


Nairobi, 31 October 2013 - Fully biodegradable plates implanted with organic seeds in Colombia to provide food after use, a social media website to promote car-sharing in Viet Nam,certified cocoa for speciality markets, and affordable biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana waste are just some of the 34 winners of the 2013 SEED Awards, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today.

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Big Cities Join Together for Better School Food


When someone mentions school lunch, chances are “environmental revolution” isn’t the first thought that comes to mind.

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19 of the Greatest Ocean Heroes of All Time - Brian Clark Howard

Wallace J. Nichols As David Rockefeller, Jr. recently told The Daily Green, "Ninety-five percent of environmental conservation efforts go to the land, with only five percent left for oceans. Yet 71% of the globe is covered by oceans." Seen from space, Earth is a blue marble. Read Original Article Here :

Bangla couple ride across the world for ‘greener Earth’ - Ikshita Tewari

NEW DELHI: They are afraid their homeland may disappear one day. Rising sea levels are pushing communities in Sunderbans to the edge and Mohammad Shahade Firdous and Fatema Sultana from Bangladesh are in Delhi to campaign for action against climate change. Read Original Article Here :

Helping to protect the earth; Westford Farmers Market intern

2013-06-30 Westford — Chelsea Polevy is the intern for Sustainable Westford under the guidance of founder Gloria Gilbert, a Westford resident . The UMass Amherst rising senior is majoring in environmental science and natural resource conservation. She is a 2010 Westford Academy graduate. Polevy said she’s still formulating her career goals, but hopes to work for a non profit company when she graduates. Read Original Article Here :

NASA to help students study Earth\'s surface


New Delhi: In a rare opportunity, school students will get a chance to capture images of earth as seen from space in a four-day workshop under a NASA-sponsored education programme, a statement said. Helping children learn more about earth from the unique perspective of space, NASA's Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students (EarthKAM) allows students to view and capture images of their world from an astronaut's perspective. EarthKAM is a NASA-funded educational outreach programme run in collaboration with the Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE) in India. "SPACE has been conducting this NASA educational outreach programme in India for the past four years to promote students' engagement in science, technology and astronomy. Workshops are conducted across the country for SPACE associated schools," the statement said. Seven schools from Delhi and one each from Noida and Chandigarh are participating in the workshop conducted in their own premises. According to SPACE, the goal is to provide an enriched and enhanced educational experience to motivate students toward math and science studies. A camera allows students to examine and photograph earth from the unique vantage point of the International Space Station (ISS). "Students will get a hands-on experience using the same kinds of tools and systems used by scientists and astronauts and the chance to apply that knowledge inside the classroom," the statement said. Students can control a digital camera and capture custom images of the earth's surface of their choice as seen from space. The service was used by astronaut Sunita Williams on her last mission on the ISS. The images by students will then be available for viewing and studying," said the statement. The workshop also gives students an opportunity to view large-scale geographical features of earth, weather and climate and also to study the areas affected by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fires etc. "Teachers can use these images for the development of the curriculum plans for studies in subjects like physics, oceanography, climate, geography, earth science etc," the statement added.

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Accounting for flora and fauna gives Southeast Asia growing pains


Milk cows are seen at a farm in the Moc Chau highlands, 200km west of Hanoi, on Nov 20, 2012. Auditors and investors in Southeast Asia are pushing back against an accounting standard used to value farm animals, crops and other agricultural produce that they fear will make profits more volatile and raise the risk of corporate skulduggery. -- FILE PHOTO: REUTERS

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Unnatural England: The Destruction of Flora and Fauna

-Lesley Docksey2013-06-20

Great Britain is a small island, no more that 600 miles on its longest north/south axis from John O’Groats in Scotland to Lands End in Cornwall.  Yet it has the most diverse geology, layer after layer of it laid down over the millennia.  In other countries one might travel for 200 miles or even much more before the scenery changes in any way.  Here 20 miles will do it, and the most obvious sign is what the old houses are built of.  In Dorset where I live the cottages were built in chalk clunch or a mixture of flint and brick.  15 miles to the north and over the border in Somerset, the traditional building material is Hamstone.  Travel another 15-20 miles and the houses are built in Blue Lias.

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Forest department hamstrung by severe staff shortage

-The Times of India2013-05-22

 NEW DELHI: While multiple laws and guidelines exist in Delhi for the preservation of trees, the primary reason why the forest department has been unable to implement any of them is because it is severely short of manpower.

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Alarm among activists after Malaysia kills nearly 100,000 monkeys

-Los Angeles Times2013-05-08

 Tourists adore them. Homeowners bemoan them. And the Malaysian government has killed them –- by the tens of thousands.

They are macaca fascicularis, mischievous monkeys with unusually long tails that give them their common name: long-tailed macaque. Malaysian wildlife officials killed more than 97,000 of them last year. Nearly 88,000 were culled the year before, according to the nations wildlife department.

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Rural property enriched by wildlife


LONG-TIME nature enthusiasts Dawn Heath and Alan Steggall are excited to join the regions newest biodiversity project Enrich.

Their 160 acre property at Deuchar, between Warwick and Allora, has been selected in the Condamine Alliance project because of its special vegetation characteristics.

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Decline in Snow Cover Spells Trouble for Many Plants, Animals

-Terry Devitt2013-05-07

But in a warming world, winter and spring snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere is in decline, putting at risk many plants and animals that depend on the space beneath the snow to survive the blustery chill of winter.

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Sign On to Stop Wildlife Crime

-World Wildlife Fund2013-05-05

 As skyrocketing demand for illegal ivory, rhino horn and tiger parts escalates, ruthless criminal networks plunder the wild. Wildlife crime is estimated to be worth $10 billion annually to criminals and it costs the planet some of the world’s best-loved species.

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Tigress electrocuted in Bandhavgarh buffer zone

-The Times of India2012-11-18

Adding to the woes of the Madhya Pradesh government trying to revive the big cat population, a tigress was found electrocuted at Badwara range of Katni forest division which falls in the Bandhavgarh National Parks buffer zone on Sunday.

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Kerala bird race on Sunday

-The Times of India2012-11-14

The sixth edition of the Kerala Bird Race will be organized by the Cochin Natural History Society with the support of Yuhina eco-media at Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode on November 18.

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Two wild deer rescued in Keonjhar district

-The Times of India2012-09-29

Two wild deer have been rescued from areas of human habitation in Keonjhar district in the last 15 days.

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Lion cub dies in Nani Dhari

-The Times of India2012-08-16

A lion cub less than a year old died, possibly due to gangrene after an adult lion attacked it.

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Weak hind legs of Sunderbans tiger worry zoo officials

-The Times of India2012-07-30

The tiger captured from the Sunderbans last week is showing signs of improvement while undergoing treatment at the Alipore Zoological Garden.

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Week-old lion dies at Vandalur zoo

-The Times of India2011-07-06

Less than a week after they were born, one of the three lion cubs at the Vandalur zoo died on Monday. Close circuit television (CCTV) visuals and the postmortem report show that the cub died when its mother, nine-year old Kavitha, tried to shift it, injuring the cubs windpipe with a canine tooth.

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

-Australian Government2011-05-19

Secretarys Address to the Australian Institute of International Affairs ACT Branch

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Summit marks International Womens Day

-Australian Government2011-03-10

Over 250 women leaders from across the Asia-Pacific and selected representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade attended the Advance Womens Leadership Summit in Sydney on 8 March 2011.

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Second charter flight for Australians departing Egypt

-Australian Government2011-02-01

The Australian Government has decided to provide a second charter flight out of Cairo to Frankfurt on Thursday 3 February.

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Australias trade by state and territory

-Australian Government2011-01-30

New trade figures showed that Western Australia accounted for more than one-third of the nations exports of goods and services in 2009-10 financial year.

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China tops trade in goods and services

-Australian Government2010-12-21

China was Australias largest export market and two-way trading partner in 2009-10, with total trade growing 8.8 per cent to $90.3 billion, according to a new report by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Australias exports of primary and manufactured products 2009-10

-Australian Government2010-12-08

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade released today the publication Exports of Primary and Manufactured Products, Australia 2009-10.

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APEC Trade and Investment in 2009

-Australian Government2010-11-11

APEC accounts for more than two-thirds of Australia’s exports and imports, according to a new report from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that highlights the economic importance of the Asia-Pacific region to Australia.

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Elizabeth ONeill Journalism Award

-Australian Government2010-09-22

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australia-Indonesia Institute invite applications for the Elizabeth ONeill Journalism Award. The Award is open to high achieving early or mid-career journalist.

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Regional Operational Experts Group Meeting and Exercise Pacific Protector 10

-Australian Government2010-09-12

Australia will host the first Regional Operational Experts Group (ROEG) meeting of Asia Pacific member countries of the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) in conjunction with Exercise Pacific Protector 10, in Cairns from 14-16 September.

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Canonisation Ceremony for the Blessed Mary MacKillop

-Australian Government2010-09-09

More than 8,000 Australians are expected to be in Rome to witness the canonisation of Blessed Mary MacKillop in St Peters Square, Vatican City, on 17 October 2010.

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Safety Campaign for International Students

-Australian Government2010-08-05

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) welcomes the launch today, Friday 6 August, of a safety awareness campaign for international students.

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14th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva

-Australian Government2010-06-22

Australia has once again played an active role at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, acting as an advocate for the protection and promotion of human rights internationally.

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Thirteenth session of the Human Rights Council

-Australian Government2010-03-26

Australia played an active role at the thirteenth session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva (1-26 March), engaging on pressing human rights issues and encouraging respect for international human rights standards.

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Joint approach to stabilise and rebuild Afghanistan

-Australian Government2010-03-01

joint media release - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), AusAID, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

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Australian National Commission for UNESCO recognises the 150th Melbourne Cup

-Australian Government2010-01-31

The Australian National Commission for UNESCO has acknowledged the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Cup as an event of cultural significance to Australians.

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New Publication: Australias trade by state and territory 2008–09

-Australian Government2010-01-17

This publication provides information on each Australian state and territorys merchandise and services trade with the world. For each state/territory, trade data is presented by level of processing, major merchandise export and import commodities, major merchandise trading partners and regions. Services trade data by type of activity is also presented for each state and territory.

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Australia-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue

-Australian Government2009-12-09

The seventh round of the Australia-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue and related site visits took place from 7 to 9 December in Hanoi.

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Strengthening Political Cooperation with Mexico

-Australian Government2009-12-06

Australia and Mexico have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalise political consultations between the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Australias Composition of Trade 2008-09

-Australian Government2009-11-29

Australias total value of trade in goods and services increased 14.6 per cent in 2008-09 to $563.7 billion, according to a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade publication, Composition of Trade Australia 2008-09, released today.

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Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Torres Strait Treaty

-Australian Government2009-01-07

Emeritus Professor Donald Denoon, from the Australian National University, will tonight deliver the fourth R. G. Neale lecture.

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Helping to protect the earth; Westford Farmers Market intern

-Joyce Pellino Crane2013-06-30

Chelsea Polevy is the intern for Sustainable Westford under the guidance of founder Gloria Gilbert, a Westford resident . The UMass Amherst rising senior is majoring in environmental science and natural resource conservation. She is a 2010 Westford Academy graduate. Polevy said she’s still formulating her career goals, but hopes to work for a non profit company when she graduates.

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Bangla couple ride across the world for ‘greener Earth’

-Ikshita Tewari2013-06-13

NEW DELHI: They are afraid their homeland may disappear one day. Rising sea levels are pushing communities in Sunderbans to the edge and Mohammad Shahade Firdous and Fatema Sultana from Bangladesh are in Delhi to campaign for action against climate change.

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Students donate over 1,300 pairs of shoes to Waste Management’s Earth Day Shoe Drive


Waste Management recently held its second annual Earth Day Shoe Collection Drive in collaboration with the City of Manhattan Beach and the MBUSD, collecting 1,300 “gently used” pairs of shoes from donation boxes located at Pennekamp, Robinson, Pacific and Meadows elementary schools.

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Green Roof Project Brings Earth To Sky At Texas A&M

-Lesley Henton2013-05-09

The stark, gray rooftop of the Langford Architecture Building on the campus of Texas A&M University will turn green in the months and years to come as students and professors from three academic disciplines come together to create a “green roof.”

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Check Out a Tankless Water Heater, and Stop Throwing Away Energy Dollars

-The Daily Green2013-04-24

Lower your utility bills and reduce emissions, while never running out of hot water.

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UT Arlington’s composter helps curb campus kitchens’ food waste

-Dallas News2013-04-21

 Few things brighten John Darling’s day more than a waiting pile of lettuce leaves, cantaloupe rinds or coffee grinds.

Darling, the composter for the University of Texas at Arlington, waved to food service workers as he quickly moved through the kitchens of the school’s restaurants and coffeehouses like a recycling

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Save 50-75% on Gas Bills: Carpool

-The Daily Green2013-04-21

Pain at the pump? Pair up with friends to get to work or school green.

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iPod dock and speaker created from reclaimed skateboards

-Alternative Consumer2013-04-19

We always have a natural affinity for products made from reclaimed, or recycled materials – in this case recycled skateboard decks. These handmade iPod and iPhone docks contain both an amp and a speaker. These speakers are made by Genuine Woodworking which specializes in making products from recycled skateboards. Completely portable – no wires or [...]

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how to recycle clothes

-Alternative Consumer2013-04-19

If you’re a steady reader of ours, it’s obvious we strongly support the idea that everyday is Earth Day – not just April 22. Today’s roundup of Eco-fashion Friday Finds answers the burning question: What do you do when you’re through with those threads and accessories? As tempting as it may be – because it’s [...]

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a mixed bag of green news

-Alternative Consumer2013-04-18

Earth Day is coming… our latest roundup of annotated eco news. A 2.1-magnitude seismic tragedy… Deadly Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Registered as Seismic Event – livescience They’re promoting digital content downloading and sustainable film and TV production… Sony Pictures to Cut Carbon Footprint by 15% by 2020 – environmental leader This innovation could create smaller [...]

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Color by Amber – Eco Fashion Review + Giveaway

-Alternative Consumer2013-04-17

When it comes to adding schnizzle to our look with a snazzy piece of jewelry, there’s no need to break the bank or deplete Mama Earth’s natural resources. I’ve been testing a fabulous, versatile pair of earrings by Color by Amber. What I like about them is how lightweight and neutral they are – so [...]

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Pay Bills Online

-The Daily Green2013-04-17

Heres a simple way to cut down on energy and paper use, while saving money on stamps.

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Ecology and evolution are intertwined, say researchers

-The Times of India2013-04-16

Overturning the common assumption that evolution occurs gradually over hundreds or thousands of years, researchers have found significant genetically-transmitted changes in laboratory populations of soil mites in just 15 generations, leading to a doubling of the age at which the mites reached adulthood and large changes in population size.

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A solar shirt that will keep you cool in summers

-The Times of India2013-04-15

A city-based scientist has come up with a concept of a "solar summer shirt" which will come with with inbuilt solar cells and fans to keep the wearer cool during hot days.

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Colour-banding may help save forest owlets

-The Times of India2013-04-14

As many as 25 pairs of the critically endangered forest owlet , which is endemic to India, will be colour-banded to study their distribution, population, demography and ecology.

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Oxford Bookstores, WWF join hands for save rhino campaign

-The Times of India2013-04-13

With Assams one-horned rhinos under threat from poachers, Oxford Bookstores has tied up with WWF-India to spread awareness about their conservation.

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Germany to give India euro 1 bn loan for green energy development

-The Times of India2013-04-10

Germany will provide India a soft loan of euro 1 billion (Rs 71 billion) for strengthening the transmission system of renewable energy in several states, a top official said on Wednesday.

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Dont Dump, Donate

-The Daily Green2013-04-06

Instead of tossing out those gently used items, why not make sure they find their way to someone in need?

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Saving Energy is a Snap

-The Daily Green2013-04-03

Just flip a switch to save money.

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Volkswagens eco-campaign helps reduce CO2 emission and energy consumption in Pune plant

-The Times of India2013-04-03

Volkswagen India’s ‘Think Blue. Factory’ initiatives for sustainable automotive production has helped its Pune plant reduce CO2 emissions by 6.4% and energy consumption by 5.5%.

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NTPCs 5 MW solar power plant inaugurated at Dadri

-The Times of India2013-03-31

Arup Roy Choudhury, CMD, NTPC Limited inaugurated the commercial operation of 5MW Solar Power Plant at NTPC Dadri.

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Turn Off the Tap

-The Daily Green2013-03-24

Check out these no-brainer suggestions to cut back on water waste around the house.

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105 whale sharks rescued in last two years along Gujarat coast

-The Times of India2013-03-23

The forest department and the rescue teams along the Gujarat coast have rescued 105 whale sharks in the last two years.

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Over 150 Indian cities set to join Earth Hour

-The Times of India2013-03-22

More than 150 Indian cities will participate in the Earth Hour on Saturday, joining over 7,000 of their counterparts across the world in raising awareness about climate change and its impact.

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Get a Solar Water Heater, the First Step to Renewables

-The Daily Green2013-03-20

These devices are more affordable and easier to install than solar electric panels.

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Save Gas, Simply

-The Daily Green2013-03-17

Follow these tips to save on CO2 emissions and fuel.

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Earth Hour message from Kahaani actor

-The Times of India2013-03-16

People should learn to rationalise the use of electronic appliances to conserve energy and consequently stave off the greenhouse effect, says Kahaani actor Parambrata Chatterjee, who is the face of Earth Hour 2013 campaign in Kolkata.

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Give up Washing Your Car (at Home)

-The Daily Green2013-03-13

It may surprise you, but getting a commercial car wash is greener than doing it yourself in your driveway.

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Give Up Paper Subscriptions (Go to the Library)

-The Daily Green2013-03-10

Rediscovering your local library will not only help you save paper, but stop paying for books, CDs and other materials.

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Warming Arctic turning greener, finds study

-The Times of India2013-03-10

Scientists have rung another warning bell about changes in the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic, saying that vegetation found in areas several degrees to the south of the region 30 years ago was now showing up in parts of the Arctic due to global warminglinked temperature rise.

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Plastic waste to be used in roads construction

-The Times of India2013-03-08

Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VMC) is planning to utilise polybags and harmful plastic wastes in the construction of roads.

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Give Up Coal-Fired Electricity (Or Nuclear for that Matter)

-The Daily Green2013-03-07

With renewable energy credits, you choose the type of power producer to pay your monthly electric service.

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Eco-tourism centres in forests to get facelift


The eco-tourism centres (ETC) at forest reserves that are emerging as tourism hotspots in central Gujarat may soon go through a major facelift.

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Excreta Does Matter seminar to be held in New Delhi

-The Times of India2013-02-27

Centre for Science & Environment (CSE) is organizing the second Anil Agarwal Dialogue 2013: Excreta Does Matter, on urban Indias water supply and waste management challenges, in New Delhi on March 4 & 5, 2013.

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Water hyacinth may be new green fuel source

-The Times of India2013-02-10

The troublesome water hyacinth could be an environment-friendly source of fuel. Siddha doctors say the water hyacinth is an excellent source of biogas because of its high content of hydrocarbons.

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Narmadas catchment area to be converted into organic farming belt

-The Times of India2013-02-01

An ambitious 10-year action plan to convert river Narmadas catchment area into organic/natural farming belt will be released during the upcoming three-day International River Festival.

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PETA for non-leather footwear as Odisha school uniform

-The Times of India2013-01-31

Following proposals in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to require schools to use only animal and eco-friendly canvas or other non-leather footwear for uniforms, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals has urged Odisha and other states to follow suit.

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Agartala to be a green city soon

-The Times of India2012-12-26

Agartala, a city of about 400,000 people, has little over 200,000 of various types of vehicles and the authorities would convert within the next two years over 100,000 vehicles into CNG ones.

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The man who made a forest

-The Times of India2012-01-04

 Way back in 1953, French author Jean Giono wrote the epic tale The Man Who Planted Trees. It seemed so real that readers thought the central character, Elzeard Bouffier , was a living individual until the author clarified he had created the person only to make his readers fall in love with trees. Assams Jadav Payeng has never heard of Gionos book. But he could be Bouffier. He has single-handedly grown a sprawling forest on a 550-hectare sandbar in the middle of the Brahmaputra. It now has many endangered animals, including at least five tigers, one of which bore two cubs recently.

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The Good Earth is an initiative from Go Green India where our dedicated team works all the time to keep our readers posted with most inspiring stories about saving our planet earth from pollution, global warming, rapid environmental changes, and other related problems. Our vast selection of stories mainly focuses on various ways through which individuals can learn how to make Good Earth and empower environmental sustainability movement.
Indiscriminate dumping of nuclear, biomedical, toxic wastes has led to environmental disasters that are leaving deep scars on our good earth. The infrequent changes in climate are not only affecting human life but are wiping out special species of flora and fauna. The remaining resources and lives will also come to the limit of extinction if deterioration is allowed to continue at this rate. Studies suggest that about one third of soil that was previously used to grow crops and trees has been blown away by wind or washed away by rivers to sea bed. The human civilization is rapidly moving towards threshold beyond which nature will have no respite but to blow back all damage right over our faces.
It is high time that every gets alert and start evolving as environmental friendly living being so that we can leave a beautiful world for our coming generations. Our team at Go Green India not only works to bring you best news about good earth but also paves a platform where you can suggest your ideas and let everyone know how we can make our good earth a better place to live. Let's get together and make an effort to prove that
'Man is only the greatest miracle on this earth and not the biggest problem!'

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