Bhutan crew films Sikkim\'s first organic festival


 GANGTOK/KOLKATA: A Bhutanese film crew is in India to capture the essence of organic villages in south Sikkim, renowned for its organic produce, which are being showcased at the maiden Nagi Pokhari Tourism and Organic Festival. 

Sikkim has set for itself the goal of becoming an organic agricultural state by 2015. 
The festival which began Wednesday in Nagi under Namthang-Rateypani constituency, in south Sikkim, is an initiative of Nagi Tourism Development Committee to bring the place - a scenic lake and adjoining villages - to the forefront for domestic and international travellers. 
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Big polluting nations must do most on climate: Australia


 SYDNEY: Nations with the biggest greenhouse gas emissions should be doing the most to fight climate change or the efforts of other countries will be cancelled out, Australia's foreign minister Julie Bishop said on Monday. 

As the United Nations holds climate talks in Peru, Bishop dismissed China's recent deal with the United States in which they agreed to work together to curb emissions as "business as usual", while rejecting the idea that pollution should be judged on a per capita measure. 
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Bhutan commits to strengthen One Health approach


 Symposium: The health and agriculture ministers assured commitment to strengthen ‘one health’ approach in Bhutan and in the region at the South Asia regional ‘one health’ symposium that ended yesterday in Paro.“Our government assures full support for the ‘one health’ concept, and ensures the sustainability of the work that has been done so far to bring it to this level,” health minister Tandin Wangchuk said.

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World Has Lost Half Its Wildlife in the Past 40 Years: WWF


 The world populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles fell by 52 percent between 1970 and 2010, far faster than previously thought, the World Wildlife Fund said on Tuesday. The conservation group's Living Planet Report, published every two years, said humans' demands were now 50 percent more than nature can bear, with trees being felled, groundwater pumped and carbon dioxide emitted faster than Earth can recover. 

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Switzerland to help India cut down greenhouse emissions


 NEW DELHI: With India striving for a low carbon inclusive growth - even as it facilitates speedy clearances for infrastructure projects - the government is looking at Switzerland to cut down its construction-induced Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

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Will Modi\'s Nepal visit mark a change in India\'s water policy?


 Narendra Modi is the first Indian prime minister visiting Nepal in 17 years, although the two countries share an open border and claim to have a close relationship.

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Brick making and green technology


Over the past two decades or so, brick fields have been coming up almost all over the country posing menace on many counts. Dotted across the country are thousands of slender chimneys incessantly releasing thick clouds of smoke into the horizon above the brick kilns.

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WCP hands over climate change resilience facilities to Tang


Wangchuck Centennial Park (WCP) has successfully handed over an array of activities aimed at building climate change resilience in local communities in Tang gewog, Bumthang. With support from WWF Bhutan Program, facilities worth Nu 6.485 million were handed over to the Tang gewog administration.

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Afghanistan’s Forest Cover Illegally Stripped Away


The head of the agriculture department for Khost province in eastern Afghanistan, Dr. Naqibullah, says that about half of the 1,300 square-kilometre area that was once covered in forests has been cleared over the last three decades.

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ADB Green Energy Project in Bhutan Wins US Treasury Honors


An Asian Development Bank (ADB) green energy project that brings greater electrification to rural households in Bhutan and boosts access to green power in neighboring India is among the recipients of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Development Impact Honors.

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Bhutan to become world\'s first wholly organic country with pesticide ban

-Catholic Online2013-02-12

Declaring that they will only rely only on animal and farm waste to fertilize crops, Bhutan intends to become the first country to produce exclusively organic food.

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India, Bangladesh roundtable calls for restructuring of joint rivers commission


t is necessary and possible to finalize the Teesta river agreement, bearing in mind the importance of environmental flows for sustenance of the river and ecological security of the basin.

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Maldives Green Fund to merge “scattered” climate finance

-Leah Malone2013-05-20

Transparency Maldives has called for stronger anti-corruption climate finance safeguards, following the government’s declaration it would establish a ‘green fund’ that would merge all climate change, conservation, and sustainable development project trust-funds.

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Bhutan goes organic

-Nazes Afroz - BBC News2013-08-17

Major changes are taking place in the agricultural system of the picturesque Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan - sandwiched between India and China.

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Rhino gores man to death in Nepal

-News 242013-07-22

A rhinoceros gored a man to death as he fished in a river in southern Nepal in what experts said on Monday was a rare event.

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Campaign to green Janakpur

-Brijkumar Yadav2013-08-16

In order to spread awareness among people to protect the environment and inspire them to bring about a positive change, the ‘Green Janakpur’ campaign was launched on August 14.

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‘Blue-green’ revolution could boost food security in Bangladesh

-Tom Lawson2013-04-26

A new method of farming is helping farmers in Bangladesh produce more food in less space, and could improve the country’s economy and food security in the face of climate change, a new report says.

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Bangladesh\'s Green Radio heralds new era of environment education

-Sahana Ghosh2013-05-23

Nature lovers in Bangladesh can tune in to 89.6 FM for their daily dose of green awakening, courtesy a 45-minute programme which aims at bridging the gap between environmentalists and laymen by keeping them abreast of burning topics related to the sector.

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