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Green across India is the right spot where you can find summary of all latest happenings on environment in Indian context. We aim to bring you all kind of green news from India so that you can update your eco-friendly efforts' profile. There is no room for delays anymore as the dramatic shifts in climate have already begun to appear and unless we do not commit to make amendments in our ways we stand no chance to become a superpower in coming centuries. The topics that will be discussed at Green across India portal will centralize over two specific domains: one calculations, facts, and figures related to the damage that is being done to our environment and second the initiatives that are bring adopted on various levels to prevent any further casualties to environment.

Green across India invites all its readers to come and join the parade where you can read, reflect, discuss, present, and summarize your point of views as well as efforts. Your hands will be joined by our media partner times of India that is not only working to collect latest happening on ecology but will also work to disseminate your efforts in this respect. A recent UN report on climate change claims that India is among the few counted nations that will be witnessing abrupt climate changes in coming years. The drastic change in climate cycle brings with it a greater risk of food & water shortage which will cause mal nutrition in those living below poverty line. We need to bring dramatic changes in our habits and attitude as the given deadline is not far away than middle of present century. The latest green news from India focuses on all such details along with latest measures that are being taken in different parts of country to fight this situation.

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